Say hello to the Chroma-Q Color Force II, a truly multi-purpose LED fixture that is perfect for a wide range of cyclorama, flood, and wall washing applications where a powerful throw is needed. These units can be grouped and controlled to release your creativity.

Perfect for your next theatre production, corporate event, non-profit fundraiser, or church service. The possibilities are endless.

Chroma-Q Color Force II - Concert Lighting - Photo by Lindsay Cave

©Photo copyright: Lindsay Cave

Chroma-Q Color Force II - RTHAV Lighting Rentals

Features & Benefits:

  • Award-winning technology
  • Over 18,000 hot lumens that easily wash a 12m / 39 ft. cyc
  • Homogenized RGBA colour mixing
  • Pixel control to 76mm/3in increments
  • High CRI of 92
  • Rugged extruded aluminium body
  • Built-in power supply
  • Superior fixture-to-fixture consistency
  • Optional internal LumenRadio
  • Touchscreen user interface

Perfect lighting rental for your next:

  • School Plays & Musicals
  • Professional Theatre Production
  • Concert Tour
  • Exhibition
  • Scenic Design
  • Corporate Event
  • Social Event

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Chroma-Q Color Force II - RTHAV Lighting Rentals
Chroma-Q Color Force II - Musical Theatre Lighting Rental