Few word combinations thrill quite like software products. No? Not working for you? Ok, maybe it’s just the tech geek in us.

No matter how you feel about software products, there’s no denying the Industry Conference (and its after-party!) was an awesome place to be. Put on by Product Collective, this event took place at a few of our favorite Cleveland spots. Software Product Managers from across the globe enjoyed the educational conference at Cleveland Public Auditorium, then moseyed on over to Southern Tier Brewery for some after-party fun.

We had a blast partnering with our friends at Product Collective to produce both events, supplying bold lighting and crisp audio for keynote speakers, demonstrations, and dance floors. If you’re looking to wow attendees and guests for your next conference or event, RTHAV is ready for you. Contact us today to discuss your needs and see all the ways we can wow at your next corporate meeting or conference!

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